A History of the Land

Eight children were born to David and Louise (Burkle) Pfeifer during difficult times in 19th century Germany. Only four of them would survive past early childhood. Louise had an uncle, Christian Burkle, living in the United States to whom they wrote expressing an interest in relocating the family there. Christian knew of a neighbor who intended to sell his 80 acre farm so he encouraged the family to make haste and come.

The family set sail for America in the Fall of 1881, making landfall that October on Ellis Island like so many other travelers emigrating from various parts of the world. They proceeded directly to Indiana, the Union’s fourth largest state at that time, where they purchased the farm of Uncle Christian’s neighbor for $26.25 per acre.

The corporate headquarters of Kerkhoff, LLC sits on David & Louise’ farm, has seen many renovations and been the home to five generations of the Pfeifer family.

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